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MLT Bring you sets of 3, 6 and 19 ultimate bump keys of the most common cylinder profiles.

These are not the cheap chinese imports that are mass produced with no care and sold for ridiculous prices as on other sites.

After 15 years as a locksmith i have had and tried many types of bump key and know the plus points and weak points so decided to come up with my own that will increase chances and decrease jam up's

All precision machine cut using only the best blanks on the market and each one is individually hand finished.

Each set comes with rubber buffers and large key ring.

2 or more orders are free postage

As with any lock picking tools a certain amount of practice is required, Basically you find a bump key that fits the keyway making sure there is plenty of in and out movement and give it a go.

If the key sticks its not the correct fit and can jam in the cylinder and damage, bend or snap the bump key, So always make sure the key slides in and out effortlessly before you start.

For overseas orders please contact us for a shipping quote

All bump key sets Available in the shop section