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How To Copy And Programme Key Fobs

Course Description

Whether you want 1 day on specific locks or maybe just a refresher, or both days, the choice is yours.

Based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, Midlands Locksmith Training now offers a 2 day intensive lock picking and bypassing course at a great price of £250 for one day or £499 for two.

One to one training, which means, its just you and an instructor.

None of that 10-12 strangers in a room and feeling you're being rushed to keep up and saying yes when you mean no or could you have something explained again but you may feel embarrassed.

You can ask as many questions as you need, no matter how silly you may think they sound, it can save time when you are out in the real world.

We go at YOU'RE pace, and only move on when you understand and say so DO NOT get pulled into a 5+ day course that costs thousands, remember, just because it states 5 days and costs a lot more, it does not mean you will be learning any more, ie .. a 5 day course does not mean 5 days picking, for 3 days you will be bored rigid with things like "the history of locks"  books, projector slides all the things that wont help you in the real world and then 2 days picking locks..

Some websites state NVQ or City and Guilds, THIS IS COMPLETE LIES, go on the NVQ or City and Guilds websites and look for yourself, locksmithing is NOT or ever has been a part of these..

There is no governing body in locksmithing, so there is no one to answer to, so also be careful of who is telling you that you need to be a member of such and such .. again THIS IS COMPLETE LIES, they just want your money for an imaginary membership of nothing .. so BE CAREFUL.

The course includes the following..

Day 1

Rim cylinders - (yale type locks) 

strip down, basic repining, manual picking, electric picking, drilling.


Euro Locks - (UPVC doors)

manual picking, electric picking, drilling. how to deal with a key in the other side of the door scenario.


Bump Keys - 

introduction and how to use.

Tubular Locks - (vending machines etc)


Padlocks -

basic picking, bypassing, shimming.

Lever Padlocks - (squire etc) 

Introduction to and how to use a lever padlock pick.

Commercial Locks - (shutters etc)

bullet locks, adams rite, mortice cylinders, picking.

Home Safes - 


Digital Push Button Locks - 

code breaking, bypassing.

Garage Door Locks - 

picking, bypassing.

Dimple Locks -

How to use a dimple pick

Wafer Locks - (lockers, cash boxes etc) 


How To Copy And Programme Key Fobs

Duplicating access control communal door fobs

Day 2

3 Lever Mortice Locks - 

Introduction to and how to use a 2 in 1 pick and how to deal with the key in other side of the door.

5 Lever Mortice Locks - 

how to use a 2 in 1 pick and how to deal with the key in other side of the door.


5 Lever British Standard Mortice Locks - 

Introduction to british standard locks, lock identification and picking and how to deal with the key in other side of the door.

Also included -

24/7 Help incase you forget something or just stuck on a job, This is for as long as you need it and not just for a certain amount of time like some other courses.


Lock I.D. software and a folder with all you need to know, ie, tools, legit tool and stock suppliers, including the required certificate you will need to buy the tools etc.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch, either below with the "Get In Touch" section or Email or feel free to text or call.


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